Friday, January 10, 2014

Unlock any iPhone including 3G 2-2-1

Unlocking the iPhone has been a constant battle for many iPhone owners. The unhappiness is caused by the fact that the hardware comes with a restriction - i.e. they can only connect to the AT&T network, which is supposed to be the official network. This business move make fans very unhappy as they feel that the features are being restricted by this "rule", which is programmed into the iPhone. So they started looking for a solution to unlock the iPhone. Some call this process jailbreaking. Within a few weeks, an innovative teenager came up with a way to unlock the iPhone, and posted the video on to the popular video website YouTube. The video attracted hundreds of thousands of page views, probably generated by eager iPhone owners looking to unlock their gadgets. This opened up the entire locking versus unlocking game. Owners now know that it is possible to unlock the iPhone. Shortly after, websites began to spring up all over the Internet, claiming that they have the software that will help unlock the iPhone. An unlocked iPhone can be used to install third party software and applications. These applications may then be used to download literally gigabytes of free content on the Internet. Such content includes music files, movie files, more software, wallpapers, etc. Vendors understand the needs and wants of the owners. So on top of offering software to help unlock the iPhone, they also bundle tons of useful and free bonuses along with each purchase. Fans may now download to their heart's content after unlocking their iPhones. In the beginning, the unlocking method was clumsy and not very efficient. It requires the owner to tamper with the hardware before the gadget can be unlocked. But developers have evolved so much that they are able to come up with an easy to use software solution. Using software means that there is no need to work on the hardware. Just install the software, follow the instructions, and the gadget will be unlocked in just a few minutes. After that, any SIM card can be used to connect to any carrier worldwide. If a customer ever runs into problems during the unlocking process, there is always a support department that is on standby to help answer emails and solve customer problems. To date, several unlocking solution vendors have claimed that they have sold thousands of copies of such software. A few have even sold millions. The earlier generations of the unlocking software was meant to unlock versions such as 1.*, 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.1. Then Apple came up with firmware updates. Some iPhone owners complained that their gadgets became locked again after updating the firmware. And they are unable to use the software to unlock the phone again. Now, the latest version of the software not only unlocks version 2.2 and 2.2.1, it even unlocks 3G iPhones. That may come as a surprise to many phone owners as most are expecting a SIM card unlock for 3G iPhones. The solution is backward compatible, and can still be used to unlock all previous versions of iPhone.

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